• PLEVEL 1
  • P40 PAGES (PDF)
  • P1H 23M OF AUDIO

Gena the Crocodile works as a zoo animal at an urban zoo. Every evening, he returns home to his lonely apartment. Gena gets very tired of playing chess against himself and decides to find some friends to play with. Animals and people respond to advertisements that he posts all around the city. First, a girl named Galya comes with a homeless puppy, who is then followed by Cheburashka. They decide to build a house for all the lonely citizens of the city, but a mischievous old lady, Shapoklyak, tries to stop them in different ways.




No dictionary is needed!
Don´t waste your precious time looking up unknown words!


All Russian words have accent marks to help you pronounce them correctly.


You´ll receive the book in PDF format that you can download, open on any mobile device, or print.


Listen on the go!


      В одно́м густо́м лесу́ жил о́чень необы́чный зверь. Его́ зва́ли Чебура́шка. Одна́жды он просну́лся ра́но у́тром и пошёл гуля́ть.

      Когда́ он гуля́л, он уви́дел не́сколько я́щиков с апельси́нами. Чебура́шка зале́з в оди́н из них и на́чал за́втракать. Он так нае́лся, что ему́ ста́ло тру́дно дви́гаться, поэ́тому он засну́л в я́щике.

      Чебура́шка спал кре́пко и не слы́шал, как пришли́ рабо́чие и закры́ли все я́щики. Они́ отнесли́ я́щики с апельси́нами вме́сте с Чебура́шкой на кора́бль и отпра́вили в путеше́ствие.


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The book was amazing for upper-beginner learners like me. The vocabulary was sometimes challenging but never long enough to get confusing. Boost Your Russian has done an amazing job with the layout and crystal-clear audio content. Recommended reading!!


The book was very enjoyable and allowed me to know a bit more about Russian culture. It helped me develop my understanding of the Russian language. The translation provided was a valuable resource to help me understand the text. I expect to buy more books like this one in the future.


I really liked the book about the crocodile Gena and his friends. I’m on a level of about A1-A2
but learned quite quickly and I enjoy reading easy readers in order to repeat vocabulary and grammar.
I like the fact that there are stress marks, I would say a my fairly elementary level stress marks are essential.
For me the stress marks were the main motivation of buying the books (of course together with an appropriate difficulty)
but I also like the audio that comes with it – often I will first read the texts so I can make sure I know the words and then
listen to the audio.  I can absolutely recommend the book for others learners of Russian.


These readers have greatly helped me in my learning. My reading and spelling have improved, and I often play the audio of the book while doing chores around the house to help my understanding of spoken Russian. It’s a great combination because I noticed that I was reading well, but when playing the audio alone, I couldn’t follow the story at all in the beginning. Now, I’m getting the best of both worlds! I absolutely recommend these books and hope there are more to come! Thank you for the audio accompaniment!


I’m an A2 learner and bought this book to help with my reading, vocabulary, and listening. The story was perfect for my level since I understood over 50% without looking at the English translation. The adventures of Cheburashka are endearing and amusing, which kept me interested, unlike heavier texts. Both the audio transcription (in Russian) and English translation was clear. I highly recommend this book for beginner learners like myself.


This is book is another home run for Kristina. All of her books are incredible. I have bought all of them and they are excellent. This was actually the easiest book to read of all so far and everyone who is learning should read it. It is a really good morale booster. The story is enjoyable and repeats various words and sentence structures which really helps cement the new vocabulary for future use. There were lots of words and phrases that I knew the definition but probably would not know how to use. But after reading this book I was way more comfortable with many phrases. I gained a lot from reading this book. In addition, she includes the audio which really helps. I read it a couple of times, once without recording than with it. Reading it becomes easy and after a few times and really feels like progress. I am now able to listen to the whole story and understand every word. I hope the author keeps these books coming, especially at this level. Another excellent benefit of these books is I have often had the experience of encountering a word in one book that I did not know and then encounter it not only in the original book but in the other books as well. One of my goals for next years is to be able to listen the recordings for all of her book and understand every word. This is the best book to start with. I’ve read all the other books and all were excellent. Still working on fully understanding the recordings (listening only).


I am slow in studying the Russian language but I enjoy the bilingual version. I would recommend it but I need more of Grammar explanations, exercises with the solutions and instructions from a teacher. I am an old fashion student who needs support from the teacher.


I liked this book because it was a fun story and allowed me to enjoy a story written originally in Russian. I recommend it to other Russian learners because it is an enjoyable story and good for beginners. As usual I really like how the book comes with audio which helps me to improve my listening skills.


The book was fantastic and I got from it what I was looking for. With my currently intermediate level I was able to read it fluently, reviewing an already known vocabulary, while also learning some new expressions which I found really useful. The only drawback for me was the slow audio, as it’s not challenging for my level. Even though, I would defined recommend it for a beginner as it helps a lot to learn new words and to identify how they sound.


I am a B1 Russian student and was happy to see Cheburashka in the list of audio books from Kristina. The rate of speech made listening easier as well as making spelling of unknown words easier so I could look them up. I got great results and listened to each chapter several times before listening to the whole presentation. It was fantastic. I have six of the Boost series and will soon have them all down. Thanks for your efforts, Kristina.