This is book is another home run for Kristina. All of her books are incredible. I have bought all of them and they are excellent. This was actually the easiest book to read of all so far and everyone who is learning should read it. It is a really good morale booster. The story is enjoyable and repeats various words and sentence structures which really helps cement the new vocabulary for future use. There were lots of words and phrases that I knew the definition but probably would not know how to use. But after reading this book I was way more comfortable with many phrases. I gained a lot from reading this book. In addition, she includes the audio which really helps. I read it a couple of times, once without recording than with it. Reading it becomes easy and after a few times and really feels like progress. I am now able to listen to the whole story and understand every word. I hope the author keeps these books coming, especially at this level. Another excellent benefit of these books is I have often had the experience of encountering a word in one book that I did not know and then encounter it not only in the original book but in the other books as well. One of my goals for next years is to be able to listen the recordings for all of her book and understand every word. This is the best book to start with. I’ve read all the other books and all were excellent. Still working on fully understanding the recordings (listening only).