I’ve always loved fairy tales and folk tales. When I was a child, I looked forward to the Baba Yaga stories that were published in a children’s magazine several times a year. So when I saw these stories, I was delighted to continue my acquaintance with both Baba Yaga and Firebirds. I have even finally become acquainted with Руслан и Людмила, based on an epic poem by Пушкин, which he based on folk stories. At first, I didn’t like the way the text is set up, with a short section of no more than 10 lines, with bolded words and phrases, which are glossed to English immediately following, instead of at the end or on a facing page. But I discovered that this actually was an advantage. Because the sections are so short. I don’t mind reading a section several times. I read once without looking at the glosses, and then again after. Then I read with the included audio (Kristina is a good storyteller) and then listen to audio alone. I have purchased several of these books, and look forward to reading them all.