I am enjoying reading this book. My level is beyond very beginner but certainly not advanced. The text is challenging, and I am enjoying the challenge. The audio is great, and I listen to passages multiple times to catch everything. For the print, some advanced phrases and sentences are highlighted and translated into English. Again, I reread the text and included translations to become familiar with the vocabulary. I need repetition for it to sink in. I read this title in English many years ago, so I am somewhat familiar with the plot and characters. Reading it in Russian helps me understand some of the Dostoyevsky word usage, and to see how he creates an atmosphere or mood. You cannot go wrong with any of the books offered. I have other books from Kristina, ones with more elementary text, and they are useful to read and reread, but I enjoy the challenge of this classic for both the stretching of my vocabulary and the better appreciation of this classic novel.