Only 5 stars? It’s worth a lot more 🙂 I’ve just started using À Moi Paris, beginner L1 + L2, having tried many different things, on and off over the years, typically ending in frustration.

I love this programme and its methods. The introduction to grammar is welcome, the different speeds are a great idea. Despite being able to “keep up” at normal speed, I found going back to listen at the slower speed really useful for detecting the subtleties in pronunciation. Camille is at pains to point out the need to take your time, and not rush ahead and the importance of repeat, repeat, repeat!

Creating flashcards is a great idea, as is not trying to map every single word literally back to English, you’ll go mad trying as it just doesn’t work, and it’s not efficient, this programme helps you to think in French.

The materials are really, really high quality and beautifully presented, with very clear instructions on how to set up on different devices. I will be buying more, once I’ve mastered L1 + L2 🙂 Thank you!

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