I have been looking for an easy reader for a long time. I absolutely love these graded readers. Have you ever tried recording yourself reading slowing, clearly, and at a consistent pace? I have tried to, so I can help some family members learn English. It is very challenging. Kristina has mastered the skill of slow reading. The audio is very high quality, and you can clearly hear the pronunciation of each word. You can tell she has put a lot of time into developing these books. It is a huge bonus these books come with audio. Currently I am reading Tom Sawyer. I have been to Hannibal Missouri, the boyhood home of Mark Twain. I’m enjoying the twist to read of Tom’s adventures taking place in Russia, and not on the Mississippi River. There is a lot of new vocabulary, but it hasn’t been intimidating. I am taking my time carefully listening to the audio, following along in the book and reading aloud as it plays The audio has helped my pronunciation greatly. The pdf of the book allows me to copy and paste the unknow words into an online translator, for quick translation of the word or phrase. I also write the new vocabulary words in a notebook so I can review them throughout the day. Thank you so much Kristina!