These readers are fantastic! The back of the book clearly shows the number of vocabulary you’ll acquire and the words are high on the most commonly used so that your vocab is targeted to practical Russian, unique words are in bold and listed in each section so that use of a dictionary is minimized. Meaning you have a true sense of achievement once you’ve finished working with the book.

One of the best features of these books is that they are ranked so you can start with the lowest level and continue upwards as your reading improves.

Acquisition language through stories has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn a language and these readers are the perfect size and format to keep around the house to refer back to or reread. The layout makes them easy to write notes in and the comprehension prompts highlight where you might need to review the story. I highly recommend to anyone studying Russian!

Of course, the best part is that these are classic stories that have stood the test of time so you know they’ll always be interesting, engaging and fun to read!