I bought this audiobook along with the other three in the series at an affordable price sure to find a great product (I really like Kristina’s videos). What is this audiobook about? It is a list of 500 phrases suitable for those who are new to Russian. It is particularly nice that the audio files are divided according to speed and repetition. When you download the audiobook (very easy action) you have 4 folders (in addition to the pdf transcription of the sentences) where: -in the first folder you can find the audio played with Kristina’s voice at normal speed. -In the second folder the audio played at slow speed -In the third folder instead there are the audio once played at slow speed and immediately after at normal speed (it’s my favorite folder honestly) – Also in the fourth folder there is the complete audio of all 500 phrases … this means that each folder has several audio files, each of which represents a set of 100 phrases … this subdivision is very useful especially when you are studying and you don’t want to do long skips with the mp3 player. Honestly, I really like this approach because I think at the beginning you have to listen to the same sentences over and over again and then repeat them and not study 400-page grammar books. For now, I have learned to use about 120 sentences, I recognize their meaning and I can say them without problems. The only thing I would like, in theory, is a fifth folder where Kristina would say the sentence in English before saying the sentence in Russian. This approach is very useful for those who want to go back to bed 30 minutes before sleeping with the light off rather than reading the pdf file with the sentences.