I love the book! Alice in Wonderland is a famous English classic for younger readers (young at heart as well as young in years) – and you captured the spirit of the original in your simplified translation. Your translation is challenging for me (at my level) – but not so much so that it’s discouraging. And the way you repeat the “new” (for me) Russian words is VERY helpful. We made a CD so we can play it in the car; and even my husband (who is not a linguist) noticed the repeated words and asked me what some of them meant. I need to see and hear a new word many times before I can learn it. Your reading speed is not so fast that we are able to distinguish individual words when we hear you speak them. I can’t understand Russian when it is spoken at the normal rapid-fire rate – but your reading is slow enough that I can separate out the individual words. I highly recommend this book!